Benevolence@Work Symposium

Leadership and the Elegance of Living

Have you ever desired more in your life and business?

Does the possibility of benevolence, business and extraordinary living contributing to your life, ignite a spark of possibility in your world?

This Benevolence@Work Symposium is about unleashing your leadership potential in life and business, with an elegance that far surpasses what most are willing to consider.

Held in the beautiful city of Marseille in France, this Symposium will delve into the possibilities of being a conscious leader in your own life, being a benevolent leader in your work, and creating the elegance of living you know is possible.

And something special is happening! Part of the program is devoted to exploring the sensual world of gastronomy and prestige wines, and their contribution to leading a life of elegance. Personally meet some of the leading providors from France, explore with the French what elegance of living looks like through the lense of gastronomy. Where else in the world would this be possible? In Marseille of course! (Gastronomic food and sensual wines provided)

Are you ready to change the way you create your life, your business, and your reality once and for all?


5th April: Intro Leadership and the Elegance of Living

6th April: Leadership and the Elegance of Living
9.30am-1.00pm Leadership and the Elegance of Living
1.00pm-5.30pm: Awareness and possibility meet Gastronomy and wine: an exploration into uncharted areas of leadership and elegance

7th April 9.30-1.00pm Leadership and the Elegance of Living:
Lunch at own cost at local restaurants
2.30-5.30pm Leadership and the Elegance of Living

Don’t just dream - create!!!



5-6-7 April 2019


5th April 5-7.00pm Intro
6-7th April 9.30-5.30pm

2,5 days

Live and Live Streamed

€90 for Intro
€2700 for all
Global Pricing applies

Translated in French and German

Laura Simmonds


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