Benevolence@Work Symposium

Outcreating this reality - actualize different possibilities

Are you happy with the way you create your business and your life?

What if there was a different way of generating your business that you had not yet considered?

The Benevolence@Work Symposium is about generating a new business paradigm that is far greater than conventional business practices.

Held in the world-renowned Castle of Casalborgone in Italy, this Symposium will delve into the mysteries surrounding actualization. What is required to create great possibilities, and then turn these into action and revenue? What holds you back from being the uber-successful leader in business and your life?

Drawing upon examples from the transformation of the Castle from a ruinous, dilapidated hulk of history, to a celebration of the past and future, this Symposium will go where few business or leadership courses go. Experience, participate, learn, be.

Are you ready to change the way you create your life, your business, and your reality once and for all?

Don’t just dream - create!!!



19 March 2019



1 day

Live and Live Streamed

Global Pricing applies

Laura Simmonds


Location Details
The Castle 
Via Broglia 3 
10020 Casalborgone, Torino 


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Out-create this reality, actualize different possibilities