Treasure Hunting in Paris

My goodness! This has certainly been an eventful week!  I love a good antique & vintage market and the idea of finding unusual vintage treasures dated back to Napoleon era while practicing my French that I have just started learning, is enormously appealing to me. 

When most people think of Paris, they tend to link it with culture, art, and fashion but did you know that the City of Lights also has many brilliant antique/vintage markets and fascinating flea markets. For lovers of antiques, bric-a-brac, books, stamps and more there's a market for every appetite.

Since I like bargain hunting in a friendly and cosmopolitan atmosphere, I headed first for the Marché Vanves where antique objects, unusual collectible, vintage goodies and second-hand goods are all mixed up together. This market has great finds at reasonable prices for seekers willing to dig through piles of less interesting ephemera. I had so much fun and I can definitely say my mission was accomplished! Not forgetting, of course, the 'Puces' (the Paris flea-markets) where I found the most unusual antiques from all eras. … The markets are so diverse and vast that it really feels like a living, breathing gallery. I found a lot of junk juxtaposed with truly valuable antiques and cherished vintage artifacts. For me it’s not what a piece is worth but the joy it brings.