Ethical Fashion with an Eco-Soul

It is  The Luxe Project’s first birthday (yay!) and we thought it was important to reflect on and highlight the beautiful work of the hill tribes and local women who help us create each and every one-of-a-kind bag. 

Though you may be familiar with our brand, here is a little about our back story and why we are so passionate about what we are striving to achieve. Perhaps it is the attraction of the intricate abstract designs, amazing craftsmanship and stunning colours which brings forth a touch of worldliness and mystery of far away places that we’d all like to explore.


The Luxe Project designs handbags and accessories created to highlight and showcase the amazing craftsmanship of Asia’s hill tribes and the vintage hand-made textiles they hand make. My mother and I started The Luxe Project in July 2013 after falling in love with the vintage textiles of Northern Thailand’s hill tribes. Originally hailing from Thailand ourselves, we have always had an affinity and spiritual connection with Chiang Mai and the talented women who painstakingly hand embroider ever textile we use.

We are proud to say that our bags are not factory made. We enlist the skills of eight talented women engaged in the cottage industry based in Northern Thailand. Working in our studio based in Chiang Mai, these women turn our designs in to reality.


Prescribing to the motto “doing good while doing well”, we are committed to sourcing products from sustainable avenues whilst respecting local, cultural and artistic customs. We want our products to be made with joy and happiness, so supporting our artisans with a fair wage and a clean and enjoyable working environment is of the utmost importance.

Below are examples of the Traditional hill tribe fabrics re-purposed into in-fashion bags.  

The Luxe Project is a brand who loves to provide women with unique and beautiful hand crafted pieces, but above all else, we are a brand who is passionate about supporting the women and culture from which we came from.

If you would like further information or purchase product please don’t hesitate to contact me via:


t: +61 432 607 331