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Be The Change - Telecall 

This is an interactive Telecall where you will explore very different ways of looking at business and leadership, unlock hidden limitations you have imposed on yourself and others, and unleash the business potential you know is possible.

The Benevolence@Work Telecall series is about generating a new business paradigm that is far greater than conventional business practices.

Are you ready for this change?

@ Discover what it takes to actually outcreate this reality and actualize different possibilities that you have not yet considered.

@ Explore ways to cultivate the power and potency you need to be the change you want to see in the world.

@ Access the tools you can use to implement benevolent practices in your life and your business and create a business environment that outcreates this reality.

@ Get excited by ways of employing this reality to work for you, instead of being in service to this reality.

It’s all about looking at things from a very different point of view.



15/16/17 Jan 2019


9:00-10:00PM CET (Europe)
12.00-1.00PM PST (USA)

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Three Zoom calls

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Laura Simmonds


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Venue: ZOOM


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Out-create this reality, actualize different possibilities