Mompreneurs: ‘’The Balancing Act’’

Mothers who chose to become entrepreneurs and operate a business have to balance the equally demanding roles of business owner and mother. Anyone who has made this choice will tell you it can be a challenging one. But it is truly possible to be both a nurturing caretaker of little ones and a successful businesswoman.

Combining these two very demanding and intricate life roles can be super fun and highly rewarding. The exciting thing is that by making the choice to become a mompreneur, we are saying to ourselves, "I am responsible for my future."

Balancing the energy and actions it takes to create a thriving business and raise a happy family at the same time takes skill and dedication.  It really works best if we live from choice rather than default.

What will you find most helpful in becoming a successful mompreneur? Choosing to function from the space of choice and infinite possibility, hands down. If you have points of view thatthe balancing act is burdensome,  and you don’t have fun with it, you will get burned out quickly – trust me.

If we approach being an entrepreneur mother with the point of view that it burdensome and difficult, it stands little chance to be awesome and thriving. If we approach it with the mindset of everything is a miracle and truly possible, fun, adventure and curiosity, our life will be remarkable!

Albert Einstein put it this way: "There are only two ways to live our life: one is as though nothing is a miracle, and the other is as though everything is a miracle." Our mindsets and viewpoints create our reality. Our life will expand or contract according to our points of view.

The good news for most of us is that success and happiness is just a mindset away for each one of us. For we have the power to choose our points of view.  To become a thriving mompreneur, begin by practising the art of living life as though everything is a miracle, then matching your actions to your thoughts.  It takes practice and dedication, but it can be done!