Creating A Sustainable World For People And Businesses

Benevolence@Work is the beginning of a new and different business reality. Your choice to embrace a benevolent way of being can change anything.

Benevolence@Work is not about philanthropy or simply a matter of good corporate citizenship.

The precept of Benevolence@Work goes beyond being “ethical” or social and moral responsibilities. It is about creating change and possibility, creating new futures through the choices we make. Being more aware. Choosing to be a conscious leader. Using this reality, rather than being used by it.

  • Are you ready to begin the journey of Benevolence@Work?

  • Are you ready to actually create different possibilities in the world?

  • Are you ready to change the way you create your life, your business, and your reality once and for all?


The Priorities

Our priorities are -

  1. To bring about a sustainable future and radical breakthroughs for the benefit of planet and humanity.

  2. To change the conversation globally about what business can be and do different.

  3. To create a different way of operating a business that doesn’t harm the world.

  4. To be a catalyst for change that will create futures that are sustainable.

Benevolent is not about doing kindness to others, it’s about doing no damage and creating a sustainable future for our society.


The Creators

Dr David Kubes


Dr. David Kubes is a lawyer, business mediator and management consultant in Vienna, Austria.

Since 2007 he is working as an international consultant in the fields of alternative conflict resolutions, management consulting and project development.

Through his solution-orientated approaches conflicts are being solved constructively and to the benefit of all involved parties and projects in the development phase are being structured in a way that conflicts are solved before they even arise.

Chutisa Bowman


Chutisa Bowman is a Pragmatic Futurist, author and speaker, Chutisa is best-known for her work in strategic awareness, benevolent capitalism, prosperity consciousness and conscious leadership.

She draws on her background as a senior executive in listed companies, entrepreneur, executive adviser, media contributor, author and keynote speaker. 

Chutisa is trained as both a  behavioural scientist transpersonal psychotherapist, and ergonomist. 

Steven Bowman


Steven Bowman is a seasoned Board adviser, with a great depth of experience and skill facilitating Board governance reviews, strategic risk management and strategic planning processes.

He has held numerous CEO and Board positions with prestigious USA and Australian organizations. 

Acknowledged as a pioneer in the field of strategic awareness, Steven has built a reputation around the world as an adviser who empowers his clients by offering multiple perspectives on any given challenge.


Be The Change!

The Benevolence@Work is about generating a new business paradigm that is far greater than conventional business practices. This is the beginning of a new and different business reality. Your choice to embrace a benevolent way of being can change anything.