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Are you happy with the way you create your life and your business? What if there was a different way of generating your reality that you had not yet considered? These Telecalls give you the opportunity to participate and explore, no matter where you are in the world!

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B@W Symposiums


The Benevolence@Work Symposium series is about generating a new business paradigm that is far greater than conventional business practices. It’s a whole world of different possibilities. Live or livestream, this is the place for you to generate new possibilities in your life and in the world.

Outcreating this reality - actualize different possibilities: 19 March 2019 - The Castle, Casalborgone-Italy

Leadership and the Elegance of Living: 5/6/7 April 2019 - Marseille-France

Leadership et l'élégance de vivre: 5-6-7 avril 2019 - Marseille-France

Doing Business in this Reality


Are you interested in expanding your business and the difference you can bring to the world? This Masterclass will show you how to translate awareness and consciousness into business speak, and create in a way that you have always known is possible.

1 Day Masterclass: 12 March 2019 -Rome-Italy



What if there was a different way of generating your business that you had not yet considered?



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